17 Hairstyle Updates You Can Do in 60 Seconds

Amy Lawrenson

Do you remember watching 60 Minute Makeover? You know, the daytime TV show with Peter Andre where a team of decorators attempt to overhaul a number of rooms in an hour. Well, this is the hair version, except rather than overhaul a house, we're showing how you can overhaul your hair in 60 seconds, with 17 quick hairstyles that we love. It may seem impossible, but just like the show always proved, it's not. And for this you don't need to be handy with an electric drill, just an elastic band or kirby grip. Keep scrolling for the quick hairstyles that will allow you to hit snooze and get out of the house 60 times faster than that crew could redecorate it. Bookmark these for January...

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