13 Jaw-Dropping Party Hair Ideas That Are Easy to Do

Elinor Block

When it comes to party hair, we've tried many different styles over the years; glitter, crimping, natural—you name it, we've tried it. But there's always added pressure when it comes to Christmas, and the festive season is full of parties. From our own experience, we know that all you'll want is a fail-safe, easy-to-do look that will mean you're suitably party-ready. But who's got time to go get a blow-dry before your office Christmas 'do? Fear not, for we have plenty of ideas that you can do at home and at your desk.

From new ways to use accessories to a simple parting that will immediately make you look more glamorous, we've got more than enough party styles that will suit every kind of hair. Of course, the one piece of advice we'd give you is to ensure you practice whichever hairstyle you decide on, just so that on the night you look your best. Click through our gallery below for 13 new party hairstyle ideas.

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