The Haircare Treatment That's a Total Game Changer for Blondes

Elinor Block

There's a new hair saviour in town, and its name is Olaplex. Launched last year, the hair-colouring wonder product is being heralded as the biggest thing for hair since, well, ever. And it's loved by many—you need only take a gander at the Amazon reviews to see how popular it is. All of this, you could argue, was a result of Kim Kardashian using the stuff when she went from her dark natural locks to a super-platinum blonde. But what, exactly, is this stuff? And why is it loved by so many in the hair world? We spoke to Maleeka Robb, director and owner of the Four salon in London, the hair colour specialists, on what this new haircare phenomenon is all about and why it's so great for our hair. Keep scrolling to find out why Olaplex is such a brilliant product and whether you can use it for your hair.


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