7 New Cult Brands That Will Up Your Beauty Game in 2017

Amy Lawrenson

If you’ve landed on this page then we would hazard a guess that you’re about as obsessed with beauty as we are (and that’s a lot). And while you love the reassuring familiarity of an iconic beauty buy (Ruby Woo, Eight Hour, ANR) or a signature scent you return to time and again, you also love the thrill of discovering a new brand or product. Yep, we’d hazard another guess that your Instagram feed is chock-a-block with beauty accounts and you’re always on the lookout for a new never-before-seen-by-your-eyes brand or product. Your friends no doubt look to you as a fountain of beauty knowledge, so you can’t let them down in 2017, which is why we’ve rounded up 7 new and niche products for you to try this year. Whether you’re wanting to transition to a more natural beauty regime or you want to geek out over the hottest and sassiest new makeup brands on the internet, this little lot should keep you amused for a while. Keep scrolling for a bold new world of beauty brands…

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