2017 Is the Year Nail Art Makes Its Return (and It's So Chic)

Elinor Block

After wire manis became the cool way to do nail designs for 2017, I thought, Finally, a nail trend I can finally get on board with. To be frank the often fiddly, overly pretty, nail designs of the past have put me off. I find them kitsch and just not suited to my job or style. While bold block colours can be fun, there's something sophisticated about having just a line or two on a clear perfectly polished nail.

Luckily enough for me, Instagram agrees, with the more minimalist designs having become a popular choice among many a mani lover. I stumbled across the #minimalnails hashtag that revealed thousands of other simple mani enthusiasts. Clearly, the chicest way to do your nails for 2017 is to be as streamlined as possible.

By far the standout look was a clear nail (or a very light pink) with a simple white, black, or gold line adorning it. The idea is to catch the light oh so slightly. The new nail design aesthetic is about a subtle look that is as ideal for the office as it would be on a night out. It's nail art for women. There's no glitter, no pop culture stickers, it's all about wearability. Keep scrolling to click through our gallery of the best nail designs for 2017.

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