21 Pieces of Advice That Will Get You Through a Marathon

Amy Lawrenson

Running a marathon is a real accomplishment, and for those of you with the Brighton or London marathons firmly etched in your diaries, the hard work is almost over. The toughest part of the whole experience is training—specifically that longest training run you do before tapering your runs ahead of race day. Running more than 20 miles with no crowds cheering you on, not a single water station to look forward to or people in fancy dress to distract you—well, it makes for a pretty miserable few hours. Unless you're one of those people who genuinely loves running. I was not, I promise you.

To help you with your pre-race jitters these last few weeks, we've set out all the non-training prep you need to buy, do and think leading up to the big day. I've run two sub-four-hour London marathons, and while I'm no Paula Radcliffe, I definitely have some tips I can share. Keep scrolling for my pre-marathon race prep advice.

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