9 Beauty Essentials to Invest in When You Reach Your 30s

Lou and Em, A Style Album

Before you hit your 30s, there are a few things that you'll always try: glitter eye shadow, Kylie Jenner–style lipstick, maybe even a touch of unicorn hair. But when you reach your third decade, you really just want to settle down into a signature style. You want to feel like "you" all the time. Not only do you feel more grown-up, but you end up being able to get dressed quicker in the mornings and you start to feel more put together, more "grown-up."

But where do you start? And which pieces should you actually invest in? To help, we have the sage words of A Style Album's Louise Redknapp and Emma Thatcher, who have listed all the beauty products you want to spend some dollar on by the time you hit your 30s. Plus, they've rather helpfully pointed out some of the fashion pieces you'll want to buy too. Happy shopping indeed. Keep scrolling for the 30 pieces you'll want to invest in by the time you're 30…

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