Forget Hygge: 2017 Is All About This Hot New Scandi Trend

Elinor Block

We love Scandi trends. You need only look at our obsession with hygge over the winter months to see that we can't get enough of it. But a new lifestyle buzzword, lagom, just came and blew hygge out of the water. If you're totally confused by both those words, then we'll explain. Hygge is the Scandi way to get cosy when everything is grey and cold outside—it is a moment of bliss. Whereas lagom is a way of living; it's about having "just enough"—the Goldilocks way of living, if you will. Of course, just like hygge, there are many people jumping on this trend, and as we know you love Scandi stuff just as much as we do, we thought we'd give you a quick 101 on lagom and how you can incorporate it into your life. Keep scrolling to read about how you can do lagom right now…

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