Kendall Copies Cara, Debuts Surprising New Hair Colour

Mary Peffer

At the risk of totally outing ourselves for scrolling through Kendall Jenner's every move on social media, we honestly can't contain our #wtf thoughts over the model's recent sleeping selfies. Two blurry shots of Jenner as a full-on blonde crept into her feed this week and felt reminiscent of best friend Cara Delevingne's recent pink hair debut

Thankfully, after analysing those roots, we're fairly certain this is just a wig. The jury's still out, however, on whether or not this was a subtle plug for one of sister Kylie's colourful hair extensions from Kylie Hair Kouture ($280). If it is, we say show the love and tag your sister, Kendall! 

What do you think of Kendall as a bleach blonde? Even just as a brief Barbie moment, it makes us shed a tear for her naturally gorgeous brunette locks.  


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