My Healthy Eating Guide, by Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough

In her first column for Byrdie, our inspiring celebrity contributor, Julianne Hough, told us how she stays motivated and fit during the holidays (hint: dancing is involved). With the first month of a new year nearly under our belts, Hough is sharing her healthy-eating, happy-living secrets. From her favourite pre-workout nosh, to the one rule she abides by when it comes to indulging, she’s got a plenty of great advice...

Hi Byrdie readers! I hope your 2015 has been off to a great start. My resolution for the year was to focus on balance. In order to stay active and energetic, and with how often I travel, I need to make healthy choices—that fuel my life instead of slowing me down. That said, I love eating, so you won’t find me swearing off major food groups. It’s all about, well, balance! Keep reading for my simple guide to fuelling a healthy life, while still having fun.  

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