Jennifer Lopez Uses This Piece of Kit to Sculpt Her Arms

If your arms are your "trouble zone," then it might be worth looking to Jennifer Lopez for some tips. The 48-year-old (would you believe it?) is no beginner when it comes to fitness, and her routine is a testament to this. reported that J.Lo likes to tone her arms using resistance bands, like this DynaPro Resistance Band (£15). Not only are they easy to carry around in your gym bag, the oversize elastic-like bands can be used to strengthen your upper body—as J.Lo demonstrated by using them to do a bent-over resistance row with a curl.  



That’s not the only thing these bands are good for though, and while we will 100% be re-creating J.Lo’s workout—because who doesn’t want arms like her?—here are some other workouts you could try at home.

If you want a full body workout, try this: 

If you want to work your glutes, give this a go:

Incorporate some abs into your arm workout with the below:

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