This New Product Will Inspire 2015’s Most Popular Halloween Costume

Mary Peffer

Most of us haven’t committed to a costume idea for Halloween just yet, but when inspiration hits, we go with it. Jem and the Holograms, the original all-girl punk band (and also a rad cartoon) that took over TV sets during the '80s is making a comeback on the big screen. We're calling it—this is going to be one of THE biggest costumes of the year, and it just got easier to pull off. 

In line with the release of the film adaptation of Jem and the Holograms hitting theatres October 23, Manic Panic will launch a special-edition Jem and the Holograms Collection of semi-permanent hair dye—the first of many Jem-inspired products, we presume. 

We're predicting the film release inspires a major spike in Jem Halloween costumes this year. And, smartly, the limited-edition dye complies with the occasion, offering four temp colours (one for each Hologram) so you can easily (and briefly) transform your girl gang. 

You can shop Manic Panic Jem and the Holograms hair colours in Pink, Orange Red, Turquoise, and Violet ($20 each) next month at Sephora and Manic Panic. Just remember that even though semi-permanent colour only lasts a few days, the process can still get messy. Bust out the old towels and protect your hands with something like Kimwear Salon Fit Vinyl Gloves ($7). 

Would you dye your hair with an over-the-counter product like Manic Panic's? Are you jazzed about Jem's big comeback? Let us know in the comments!

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