The Surprising Grain That Will Diminish Your Under-Eye Bags

Lindsey Metrus

We've all experienced those moments when our eyes puff out from being exhausted or sick and we get the dreaded "You look tired" comment from whoever is within a five-foot radius. As a result, we've familiarised ourselves with a bevy of different treatments and methods to send our bags packing. Though we've recently discovered yet another (super-effective) solution to puffy under-eyes: barley.

At a recent dinner with celebrity dermatologist Dr. Ronald Moy, I was provided with a thick packet of literature and accompanying imagery specifically surrounding epidermal growth factors. Though these skin-saving elements used to be predominantly derived from stem cells, they have since evolved to be bioengineered from barley plants. In a study, 29 females aged 39 to 75 years old with mild to severe signs of ageing and skin damage tested the plant-based EGFs, and after a few months, they experienced almost a 50% improvement in their skin. Why? Allow us to explain.



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