This Product Illuminates Skin in 10 Seconds

Amy Lawrenson

Glowing skin starts with a great, consistent skincare routine but sometimes this slips (we're only human) or your trusted products can't stack up to the miserable glow-sapping weather. In these cases you need something fast-acting that will veil your complexion with an uplifting, healthy-looking sheen. It also needs to be something that works fast and efficiently—a product you can rely on when the times are tough. 

The answer? Switch your usual finishing powder for an illuminating version. Some blur, others colour correct, then there are those that impart a hint of colour: pinks to emulate a weekend spent outdoors or soft powdery bronze that fakes a few days in the sun with a quick swirl and a buff. Keep scrolling for our edit of the best illuminating face powders.

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