The Best Short Hair Styling Ideas—With Thousands of Repins to Prove It

Elinor Block

People with short hair usually fall into two categories: those who love their hair length and those who are desperately growing it out. Either way, you need some great styling ideas to stave off any boredom or for when you want to do something different. Of course, we have some incredible hair colour ideas for you to peruse should you so wish, but we've also found some incredible buns, braids and parting tricks that will liven up your styling repertoire.

And where have we gone to find the most interesting and chic looks? That hair inspiration mecca that is Pinterest. But we didn't find just any short hair styling ideas, oh no. We hunted down those with thousands of repins to prove that these are the very best that work for different types of hair. From high buns to double plaits, we've found everything you need. Keep scrolling for the best short hair styling ideas, and shop our pick of products.

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