We've Discovered the Easiest Way to Do a Messy Bun

Elinor Block


If we could make a shrine to the messy bun, we would. Of all the hairstyles that have made our lives that little bit easier, the MB wins hands down. Not only does it require minimal effort, it somehow manages to make us look pulled together even when we’re not. There is one major caveat, however, and that is getting practiced at doing it. While your Instagram feed is probably filled with gorgeous pictures of cool girls with those just-thrown-together messy buns, we can guarantee they spent ages perfecting that skill. If you find yourself in such a predicament and can no longer bear the frustration of never getting yours quite right, then we have good news. We spoke to Luke Hersheson, John Frieda’s UK creative director, on how to get the look. Hint: Don’t overthink it.

Keep scrolling for a five-minute guide on how to do the ultimate messy bun.

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