The 7 Diets Everyone Is Following in 2017

Amy Lawrenson

When it comes to weight loss, 2017 has already proved that it's the year of the gut. We've been talking about the importance of keeping your gut happy for a while, and we need to do this for all manner of reasons, from glowing skin to a flatter tummy. In fact, gut health has even been linked to our moods, and a happy gut means a happy mind. As well as looking inwards, we'll also be looking back. Diets that are tried and tested are going to be top of mind. Why? Well, after a roller coaster 2016, people will be looking to diets that just work. But that doesn't mean there aren't a couple of left-of-center diets and weight-loss tricks we'll be giving a go.

Keep scrolling for our rundown of the diets everyone will be talking about and following in 2017.

1. The Gut Makeover

A happy gut means a happy, well, everything. Scientists are starting to unravel the gut and the bacteria that live within us (we're only 10% human—let that sink in) and how feeding these colonies that live inside us can lead to a flatter tummy, glowing skin and a happier outlook on life (something we all need as get further into 2017). You can read all about your gut here, as well as the foods and supplements that will benefit your belly.

2. FODMAPs Are the New Gluten

Created for IBS sufferers, researchers in Australia have discovered that FODMAPs (found in tons of foods) can pass undigested into the colon leading to excess gas. The same team discovered that if you don't have coeliac disease, it's unlikely that gluten will cause you any problems at all, but if you suffer from IBS, ditch the FODMAPs and you'll notice the benefits fast. Find out everything you need to know about the FODMAP diet.

3. The Atkins Renaissance

Thanks to Kim Kardashian West and her dramatic post-baby weight loss in early 2016, the Atkins diet is making a serious comeback. The new Atkins is about factoring in healthy fats alongside all the protein. See how to do the Atkins diet now.

4. The Life-Saving Diet

If you want a diet that's all about health (with the side effect of weight loss), then look to the Mediterranean diet. Unlike the vague idea of clean eating, the Mediterranean diet, followed properly, is all about eating clean but also eating proper portions (so not mainlining a bag of almonds and still expecting to lose weight like we did at the peak of the clean-eating craze).

5. Infuse Your Own Waters

Flavoured water is nothing new, but in 2017, there's been a resurgence in making your own. Infused water is great if you're not a big fan of plain H20, but it's also a handy way to get in a couple of portions of your five-a-day or even factor in some stress-busting adaptogens (you can read all about adaptogens, here). Check out some detox-water recipes here.

6. Honey for Fat Burn

Apparently Mary Poppins was onto something with her spoonful of sugar, except it should have been honey. Taking honey before bed helps your body fall into full-on fat-burning mode while you sleep. Sounds too good to be true, we know, but you can read all the science around the honey diet here.


The "If It Fits Your Macros" hashtag has been used over 6.5 million times on Instagram. It's not a new way of eating, but if you have tried and failed at diets in the past because you've found them too restrictive, then this is for you. By counting your calories and breaking that down into a ratio of fat, carbohydrate and protein (depending on how active you are), you can then pretty much factor in any food to your diet, hence the #IIFYM. I've been counting my macros since September, can still eat biscuits at work, factor in one cheat meal a week and I've dropped over a dress size without feeling like I've denied myself once. If you'd like to give macro counting a try, here's how to do it.

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