How to Feel Confident on the Beach—According to A Bikini a Day

Amy Lawrenson

Bikini season is upon us. Well, not if you’re here in the U.K. unless you like dancing around barely clothed in the rain (each to their own). But in all seriousness, if you have an imminent holiday in the diary, you’re probably well aware of that bikini sat taunting you from your chest of drawers. Now we’re firm believers that there is no ideal bikini body—the key is to feel at your most confident on the beach or poolside. Tash Oakley and Deven Brugmen, co-founders of the website A Bikini A Day, agree. But since these ladies know their way around a two-piece and look more than amazing wearing one, we called on the duo for their top tips on how to feel more confident in a bikini. Keep scrolling for Tash Oakley’s advice…

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