Proof That a Fringe Is the Easiest Way to Update Your look

Elinor Block

Fringes immediately change the whole dimension of a face. Whether that's helping to hide a forehead, make a face look smaller or simply because you want a more directional style, a fringe is the answer. But while you might think fringes are only right for those who have long, straight hair, think again. There are plenty of hairstyles that prove bangs are suitable for any type of hair texture and any face shape.

From those super-short bangs that really make a statement or the long grown-out fringe that A-list hairstylist George Northwood calls a "gringe," these cuts will instantly transform your face. And that's exactly why we love the style so much: A fringe will give you a fresh look without having to drastically cut all your hair. If we've convinced you to go for a chop, we suggest you take a look through our gallery of styles to print out and take to your hairstylist.

Click through our gallery below for 16 fringes that will make you want to hotfoot it to the salon immediately.

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