A Luxe Fragrance Collection You Can Mix and Match

by Sara Koonar

Leave it to Michael Kors to redefine luxury—especially for your fragrance selection. The newly released fragrance collection consists of three individual scents: White Luminous Gold, 24K Brilliant Gold, and Rose Radiant Gold ($107 each). This is ideal for those days when you want to switch up your scent; you have three to choose from, each with its own profile. White Luminous Gold’s intoxicating pear, jasmine, and amber notes are exotic and idyllic for a night out on the town, 24K Brilliant Gold’s orange mandarin and woody notes will make you irresistible on a date night, and Radiant Gold’s enticing mix of spices, musk, and florals will give you the confidence to kick butt in the boardroom. Bonus points: It adds a little gilded touch to your top shelf. 

Which Michael Kors scent are you? Try them all at Hudson’s Bay and TheBay.com!

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