21 Exercise Moves We Learnt From Our Favourite Bloggers on Instagram

Amy Lawrenson

Exercise can be boring, especially if you're stuck in a bit of a workout rut. That's why we have scoured Instagram and the feeds of our favourite wellness bloggers for exercise ideas. 

You may want to copy these ideas to the letter, or get experimental and adapt them to create your very own routine. What's great about a lot of these moves is that they require minimal equipment, so if you don't subscribe to a gym, no worries. In fact, most of these exercise ideas can be done outside, perfect for the fair-weather exerciser amongst us, or for those who don't let a little wind or rain prevent them from racking up their workouts whatever the time of year. Keep scrolling for 21 exercise ideas that will inject some fun into your next workout, plus a few pieces to upgrade your workout wardrobe…

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