9 Reasons Why Emma Stone Is Our Hair Hero

Elinor Block

Emma Stone—she's a natural redhead, right? Wrong. The A-lister was actually born with blonde hair. We'd forgive you for being surprised, because Stone is one of those lucky people who tends to suit most hair colours. From a platinum blonde to a deep brunette, and everything else in between, we've spotted that Stone's hair has run the gamut of colours. Currently, the star is busy promoting La La Land, which has already gained critical acclaim, although sadly we have to wait until January to see her and Ryan Gosling's performances. 

In the meantime, however, if you're thinking of going for something new, we suggest you revel in Stone's constantly changing hair colours to inspire you to take the leap. Just remember to read our guide on going blonde before you reach for the platinum. Click through our gallery below to see nine of Emma Stone's best hair looks.

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