13 Easy Hairstyles for When You've Slept In

Amy Lawrenson

An easy hairstyle is a must in any busy working woman's repertoire. Partly because we don't have time to spend 20-plus minutes meticulously tonging our hair in the morning. Sure, you can leave your hair to hang loose, but a chic, simple, ponytail or a nonchalant bun can elevate your look, especially for the office.

Then there are those very occasional days when we're shot from sleep to stress in seconds on realising we've snoozed right through our alarm and have to be out the door in minutes. Rushing from the confines of our cosy bed into the cold hard light of day is tough, so in this instance an easy hairstyle is essential.



You see, a quick twist-and-pin or some such tweak can make you look pulled together (when you feel anything but) so only you, your bed and your alarm know what went down. No one needs to be any the wiser. Keep scrolling for 13 easy hairstyles for you to get on lockdown.

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