The 5 Biggest Diet Mistakes, According to a Nutritionist

Amy Lawrenson

If you want to lose a few unwanted pounds now that we’re post-Christmas, know this: Dieting doesn’t have to be complicated. Or particularly miserable. In fact, rather than counting every calorie, you can just make a few small tweaks (although if you do want to count calories, we suggest you count your macros too). We called on Alicia Rountree nutritionist, model and founder of Tartinery, a chicer-than-chic sandwich shop in New York, to share five diet mistakes that women often make. These diet tips may make you re-think the way you approach your diet this coming January, some may even seem blooming obvious, but they are mistakes that derail diets time and again. Keep scrolling for five nutritionist-approved diet tips to try in 2017.


Mistake #1:

Low-fat or fat-free eating

Your body needs fat to utilise vitamins. Skipping fat means depriving your body from essential nutrients needed for optimal health. Most low-fat or fat-free products have also been processed and are usually full of sugar or something nasty. Some fats are better than others; stay away from trans fat and add avocados, fatty fish, sprouted nuts and seeds to your diet to give it the good fat it needs.

Mistake #2:


I love juicing, don’t get me wrong. A lot of the time what happens when people go on a juice cleanse is that they struggle for three to five days, or even a week, to stay on the cleanse and are so hungry by the last day that they overeat once they have made it to the end or even cheat throughout. This creates shock in your system as it is getting purified, and then it is overwhelmed with “bad” food. My recommendation is to incorporate fresh juices into your everyday life, or juice once a week, or monthly, whatever suits you best. Juices should be mostly veggie, adding too much fruit will create a high sugar content that can spike your insulin levels. Juicing should be part of a lifestyle change, not a diet.

Mistake #3:

Focusing on the Scale

Our body weight fluctuates every day. If you are being careful with what you are eating and exercising as well, you will lose weight. One thing to remember is that muscles are heavier than fat, so if you are exercising and notice that you weigh more, do not panic! Stressing about the number on the scale will not get you anywhere and could demotivate you. Weigh yourself every two weeks to a month and use a measurement tape to track your progress.

Mistake #4:

Thinking you can eat whatever you want if you exercise

Eating well goes hand in hand with exercising. The reality is that if you want to lose weight you need to be burning more calories a day than you are ingesting. Eating a burger and fries just because you worked out doesn't make sense. You will not have burnt enough calories. Eat a diet full of whole grains, healthy fats, lean protein and vegetables for best results with exercise.

Mistake #5:

Skipping breakfast

Although it is easy to skip breakfast with busy schedules, it is really the time of day where you can eat the most! You will have all day to burn off your breakfast. Not to mention your brain and body needs fuel to function properly. And I don’t mean a coffee. I recommend eating a big breakfast full of fruits, oatmeal or eggs, a medium lunch and a small dinner.

No time to eat breakfast? Keep a bag of organic whey protein, like Whey Ahead Madagascan Vanilla Organic Whey Protein (£25), or a vegan protein, like Sun Warrior Warrior Blend Raw Protein (£33), in your kitchen for emergencies. 

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