The No-Fringe Fringe: A Low-Commitment Way to Do Bangs

Amy Lawrenson

Last night Dakota Johnson stepped out at the How to Be Single premiere in New York, and we were instantly struck by how great her fringe looks. You can totally tell she has a fringe, but it doesn't scream bangs! as much as a full fringe would. A bit of beauty investigation later and it appears the actress is the queen of the low-commitment fringe—the longer length means she can part it any which way she likes or disguise it almost entirely, aka she has a whole wardrobe of hairstyles can she can pull from. It's kind of like the hair equivalent of the no-makeup makeup look; we're coining it the no-fringe fringe. (You heard it here first, people.) Keep scrolling to see how Dakota styles her no-fringe fringe. We defy you not to want to book a hair appointment instantly. 

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