The Crazy Coconut Oil Trick Mega Influencer Huda Kattan Swears By

Amy Lawrenson

It can't just be us who thought we'd reached peak coconut oil obsession, right? The hysteria surrounding the stuff is surely set to wane? We know every possible health and beauty use for it: cooking oil, smoothie booster, makeup remover, hair mask, body moisturiser, cuticle oil. There couldn't be another use for nature's most versatile health and beauty product, surely? But, yes. Yes there is.

Dubai-based beauty influencer Huda Kattan revealed another clever trick for coconut oil that is set to enhance the look of your, wait for it, makeup. That's a new one! And no we're not talking about using it as a moisturiser to make your skin super plump pre-foundation (but sure, you can do that too). Keep scrolling for Huda's unusual use for coconut oil…

The blogger, who also has her own cosmetics line and range of pretty incredible lashes called Huda Beauty, uses the oil between two layers of highlighter powder. The oil helps set the powder and gives a more intense strobing effect.

Check out her Instagram video to see the result…


Shop the coconut oil Huda uses below…

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Do you have any unusual beauty uses for coconut oil? Let us know in the comment box below.

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