27 Bridesmaid Hairstyles Your Friends Won't Hate

Amy Lewis

Wedding-day hair can be tricky, and we’re not just talking about the decision on whether you’ll go for a beautiful bridal updo or wear your locks free and flowing. When it comes to bridesmaid hair ideas, things could get messy (and not the good roughly textured kind). With memories of old-school bridesmaid hairstyles haunting us all (and no doubt qualifying as highly flammable, thanks to three cans of hair spray per ’do), it can often be hard to picture a scenario where everyone’s happy. What works for one short-haired friend may be a nightmare for your pal with Rapunzel-esque tresses. Meanwhile, your dream of everyone wearing cute milkmaid braids and flower crowns could strike fear in heart of even the most loyal bestie.

But fear not—we’re here to help. From plaits and braids with added cool to smart takes on tousled waves and hair accessories that’ll work on every hair length, we’ve rounded up the best looks from the runway that are sure to please your whole wedding party. Ready for the crème de la crème of wedding hair ideas? Start scrolling for the very best bridesmaid hairstyles fresh from the shows—cool, classic and quirky all included.

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