It's Official: This Is How to Do Bridal Hair in 2017

Elinor Block

When you search "bridal hair" on Pinterest, it's easy to be completely overwhelmed by the sheer number of options there are. And while we don't want to generalise, the majority of the pictures you see are just lots of long curly hairstyles that are dated and not always what you're looking for. We know that the average Byrdie reader is after something different. It has to be a little edgy, but it still has to feel appropriate and chic. If that sounds like you, then you've come to the right place.

Armed with a knowledge of runway hairstyles and the coolest online bridal shops, we've organised the best wedding hairstyles we could find to bring you every kind of look you could wish for. From small ponytails for the minimalist to delicately scattered flowers for the boho bride, we're sure you're going to find the style you're after for your big day. Keep scrolling, and click through our gallery of the best bridal hair looks.

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