Sculpt Your Body in 4 Weeks—No Kit Required

Amy Lawrenson

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Bodyweight exercises are a great cost-effective way to exercise. You don't need any kit, and you can do them anywhere. This means if you go to the gym, you can add them to your regular workout to add interest or zero in on any areas you feel need work (your arms or glutes, perhaps?) or you can work your way through all 10 of these exercises mixing and matching them to create your own 10 or 15 minute workouts, no gym membership required.

I'm a qualified personal trainer, so I've rounded up 10 bodyweight exercises that I love, some because they're classic and effective like the push-up or squat (I've included the squat jump variation below for added calorie burn, you'll thank me later) and others because, despite a love/hate relationship with them, I know they work (burpees and mountain climbers). Keep scrolling for 10 of the best bodyweight exercises.





This move works the full body but especially the shoulders and core. It's a great way to warm up your joints at the start of a workout.

Spiderman Plank



Different from the average plank, this works the abs, obliques, shoulders and arms.





The push-up is a great upper-body exercise that targets the chest and triceps.

mountain climbers

Speed these up to get the full effect. It's a cardio move (so it will get your heart rate going) and a full-body exercise, meaning it works muscles across the whole body, making it a great calorie-burner too.





Commandos tackle your arms and abs. Kayla Itsines incorporates them in her famous workouts.




XHIT Daily

Another high-intensity bodyweight move, this explosive exercise burns calories by being a full body cardio move.

squat jumps

Elevate you regular squat to a squat jump, it will still work your glutes and leg muscles (as well as your core), while the jumping element will burn extra calories.

clockwork lunges

Clockwork lunges tackle every angle of the legs and glutes.

Prisoner Squat


Bob Harper

The prisoner squat gives you more bang for your buck by working the upper-back muscles, too.




Bob Harper

Another great workout for your legs and glutes, you can also do these side to side to target the obliques (the waist muscles).

Glute Bridge March



The glute bridge march really tackles those bum muscles.

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