12 Spot Creams You Can Rely On to Beat Blemishes Fast

Amy Lawrenson

The best spot cream is one that takes down inflammation (read: redness), shrinks and dries out the blemish and speeds up the healing process. It will also set to work straight away to ensure you're spot-free much faster than if you'd left it to run its course. Having suffered with acne in my 20s, plus being a beauty editor, means I have tried pretty much every, single spot cream out there. Some are pointless while other are modern miracles. I'll be sharing the latter with you here.

I've rounded up the 12 best spot creams that I and other beauty editors swear by whether they're suffering from hormonal acne or just a one-off blip. A spot cream is designed to be applied directly to the blemish (rather than all over the face). They're usually more potent in active ingredients like pore-clearing salicylic acid, anti-inflammatory zinc and anti-bacterial tea tree so you can expect to see results in a matter of hours rather than days. 

Keep scrolling for the 12 best spot creams money can buy. 

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