9 Super Serums to Hydrate Parched Skin

Amy Lewis

While serums are touted as the key player in the fight against ageing, they’re also pretty handy when it comes to serving dry or dehydrated skin a moisture hit. Because the formulas are packed with a higher concentration of active ingredients (compared with regular moisturising creams), they’re far better at delivering potent ingredients—such as moisture-binding hyaluronic acid, but more on that in a moment—to the skin’s deeper layers. As with all skincare products, however, it’s vital to make sure you’ve got a serum that’s suited to your needs. So how do you find the best serum for your dry skin?

Whether your skin is dry all year-round, or just battling through a temporary patch of dehydration, certain ingredients are essential serum must-haves. Hyaluronic acid (also known as hyaluronan or HA), being top of the list. Though it still sounds like scary chemical peel territory to some, HA is actually a naturally derived substance present in plant and human cells. It's main function is to draw in moisture, which makes it especially desirable for those struggling to keep their skin hydrated. While it’s commonly used in its pure form, a salt derivative called sodium hyaluronate is extremely popular in the skincare world, thanks to its smaller molecular size, which makes it easier for the ingredient to penetrate the skin.

Along with plant oils, amino acids and ceramides, vitamin E is another key ingredient to be on the lookout for, especially when tag-teamed with vitamins A and C. It'll help replenish diminished moisture reserves—a common root cause of dull complexions—and speed up repair of dry, flaky or stressed-out skin too. Start scrolling through our selection below to take a look at the best serums for dry skin...

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