7 Red Lipsticks That A-Listers Always Use

Elinor Block

I'm on a seemingly never-ending quest for the best red lipstick. Currently, I have a grand total of five red lippies in my handbag (they all suit different moods and outfits, okay?). The iconic shade has been around for roughly 5000 years (shout-out to Wikipedia for the knowledge) and has been popular during the 19th, 20th and now 21st centuries. Famously, flappers wore it in the 1920s, thanks to advancements in technology giving us the lipstick bullet, and it became ubiquitous in Hollywood with the likes of Marilyn Monroe elevating it to its now iconic status.

As a result, the red lipstick will never leave our makeup bags. But as with everything these days, there are so many incredible options that it's hard to find the right one for you. We turned to today's biggest stars to see what they put on their lips in a bid to uncover the best red lipsticks out there. We've even tested out a few of the latest launches so you can shop more updated versions. (Spoiler: A red lip crayon is all the rage right now.) Keep scrolling to see which red lipsticks the A-list loves, plus some of our favourites right now.

Next up! The ultimate guide to picking the best nude lipsticks for your skin tone.

Opening Image: Zara

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