7 Incredible Face Primers You Can Always Rely On

Face Primers have had a bit of a hard time over the years, labelled simply as just yet another product cooked up by the beauty industry to get us to part with our cash, but one that we don't need. And although I like to think of myself as a frugal beauty editor, face primer is just one product I'd never go without. Keep scrolling, and I'll explain why.

Photo: Mango

First, I turn to my face primer for an extra helping of skincare benefits. Many of them come with ingredients that hold the power to fill fine lines and wrinkles, or light-reflecting pigments to skin that give the appearance of a smoother complexion and more radiant skin tone. Even more brilliant than that, they act as a barrier between your makeup and your skin, creating an even surface for your makeup products to sit on (or, conversely, less even—more on that later) and stay flawless for longer.

You can also employ the best face primers to banish shine, so if you suffer from oily skin, it might be worth investing in an oil-control primer—We've found the best ones here. These mattifying beauty primers contain a fine powder, which helps to keep skin shine-free for longer by absorbing excess oils and providing a slightly textured surface for your foundation to cling to. Certain makeup primers also target enlarged pores or issues such as redness or sallow skin and even out bumps or blemishes.

But the real reason I won't go without this step in my makeup regimen is because a face primer is the answer to keeping makeup in place all day long. And I mean all day long. But if that isn't enough to convince you, click through into the gallery to find the seven top face primers that'll do all of the above (and a whole lot more).