6 of the Best Nude Lipsticks Out There

Zara Kenyon

As lipsticks go, nude lipstick has often been thought of as the easiest shade to wear, while bolds like reds and berries have been given a bad rap for being “tricky.” I’ve never seen it myself. It’s buff tones that run that fine line between making you look like an extra on the set of a zombie movie and polishing off your look—and we don’t always hit that sweet spot.

When you do nail it, it’s because you’ve found the best nude lipstick that perfectly complements your skin, and everything else—your smoky eyes, your peach blusher—just falls into place. It all comes down to the same old thing: your complexion’s undertones. Just like when you’re choosing a new foundation, your nude lipstick should work with the nuances of pinky or golden tones in your complexion.

So how do you find the best nude lipstick? No matter if your skin is fair, olive, tanned or dark, you need to figure out if your undertones are warm or cool before you begin shopping. There are several ways to work this out, but Julien Rol, brand ambassador for Make Up For Ever, says the simplest comes down to this: “If you tan easily and do not burn, you have a warm undertone.”

Your veins are also a good indicator. “A good trick is to look at the most prominent vein colour. For example, blue veins mean you have a cooler skin tone, and green means your skin tone is warm,” explains Sarah-Jane Froom, BareMinerals international makeup artist.

“Also, when you look at your neck, arms and décolleté, see if you are more of a pinky or reddy shade, which means cool, or if your skin is leaning towards yellow or golden, which means you’re warm,” adds Froom. Still in doubt? Most department store makeup counters will be able to advise you, and once you’ve unlocked your correct undertone, finding a nude lipstick that suits should be a breeze.

To help you, we’ve rounded up six of the best nude lipsticks to work in tandem with every undertone. Scroll through the gallery to find out which one is your most flattering fit…

What has always been your go-to nude lipstick? Let us know in the comments below.

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