Hit Refresh: 17 Nail Polish Shades That Will Pep Up Your Look

Amy Lawrenson

The best nail polish has the ability to brighten your mood and help you look more groomed, and it's the easiest way to start transitioning both your beauty look and your wardrobe into the new season.

Okay, we know it's still January, but the one thing that is getting us through is the thought of spring. So why not wear a mood-boosting sunny nail shade right now? Not to mention that for the strapped-of-cash among us (that's everyone, right?), this is an affordable way to try something new now.

So which shades are du jour? Well, the spring/summer 2017 beauty trends were very anything goes, and the same can be said for the nail trends. From subdued nudes and monochrome hues to vivid greens and purples, the shade you choose is totally down to you.

Yes, the hottest new-season colour to hit our wardrobes will be orange, but if you want to nod to the trend in a noncommittal way, wear it on your nails. Metallics were everywhere on nails at the spring/summer shows, but, again, the way you wear these shimmering tones is up to you. Opt for full-on sheeny opaques, a wash of sheer molten topcoat to update your existing polish wardrobe, or as a delicate detail (perhaps a half-moon or tip?).

Keep scrolling for 17 of the best nail polishes to wear now.

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