31 Motivating Mantras to Know in January

Elinor Block

January is right around the corner, people. Now, while that's good news for a couple of reasons (e.g., we can say goodbye to annus horribilis 2016, and there are more hours of daylight again…), but there is one snag: it's that time when everyone and their dog wants to get back to the gym. But if you're struggling to move your body that is still full of cheese (not necessarily a bad thing) and wine and everything else you consumed during Christmas, how do you get yourself motivated? 

Well, we'll tell you. All you need to do is read our incredible list of the best motivational quotes to help you get through the coldest and darkest of months. Sure, they're not going to actually put your gym kit on for you, or help you get out of bed for a workout when it's still dark outside, but they will remind you that even though it isn't easy, you will feel 100% better for just getting started. Click through our gallery for 31 motivational quotes that will help you get through every day in January. 

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