We're Obsessed With '90s-esque Metallic Lips—Hear Us Out

Amy Lawrenson

Beauty trends are cyclical, and right now the team at Byrdie HQ is digging metallic lipsticks and glosses again. We've been team matte for a long time, but for spring, we fancy something a little more frivolous. A soft shimmering lipstick or gloss is also extremely forgiving; slick it on from the bullet or wand with ease. Find the right shade, and it will help to illuminate your face. Matte lipstick, on the other hand, requires expert application. A shimmering wash of colour is as easy to apply as a balm.

So why the return to shimmers and metallics? We predicted this pendulum swing back in February, but our focus was on eyes and highlighter, and now we want to make everything shimmery, including our lips. It's totally in line with the '90s aesthetic that is still huge, and it's a breath of fresh air from all the matte lips that have been filling up our Instagram feeds. But don't think we want you to choose—we still love the power of a strong matte lip, but we're inviting you to try something a bit different. Makeup is created for play, after all. To help you, we've rounded up 11 metallic, shimmery lipsticks and glosses for you to choose from.

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