We Swapped Products With Our International Editors—This Is What You Need to Know

Amy Lawrenson

Back at the start of the summer, Victoria Hoff, Byrdie.com’s L.A.–based news editor, emailed Lisa Patulny, Byrdie.com.au’s editor in Sydney and me a feature idea: “Send us some of your favourite local beauty products—ideally ones that aren’t widely available in the U.S.—and we’ll return the favour. Then we’ll all report back!” Needless to say Lisa and I jumped at the chance, because who isn’t intrigued by cult beauty buys from other countries that are tantalisingly out of reach? I’ve been diligently testing out all the products and have made some real discoveries. Here are the products you can get your hands on in the UK, plus the versions we have that are just as good. Keep scrolling for your passport to American and Australian beauty…

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