Experts Agree: These Are the Best Highlighters Under £10

Amy Lawrenson

While there are products that are worth a bigger spend (makeup brushes and face serums are two that spring to mind), when it comes to makeup highlighters, you can afford to save your money. Plenty of affordable beauty brands have their highlighter game on lockdown—we're talking finely milled shimmers and easy-to-blend creams that will give you an ethereal glow to rival J.Lo's. But don't just take our word for it; we called on seven makeup artists to reveal which under-£10 highlighters they feature in their makeup kits.

A highlighter is your skin's greatest friend, providing a supportive glow to even the most sallow and dull complexions. We like to think of the best highlighters as a faux facial in a tube (pot or palette), imparting a healthy sheen to the skin akin to the kind you get after an hour in the capable, restorative hands of an expert. Keep scrolling for the seven best expert-approved highlighters to choose from.

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