The Genius Place You Really Should Wear Perfume

Amy Lawrenson

My boyfriend has a very good sense of smell. He’s also 6'5" to my 5'2", so he often has a front row seat for the top of my head. Now despite being very good at washing my own hair (thank you very much), by day three he has no qualms about telling me my hair doesn’t smell too fresh. (Why, thank you. Just what a girl wants to hear!) You see, hair is a lot like fabric: It’s porous, so it mops up any scent particles in the air. It doesn’t discriminate either, so it will pick up the salty fresh scent of a walk along the beach just as well as the smoke and pollution-filled city air. I live in London, so you can guess what my hair smells like 99 percent of the time.

Enter hair perfume—quite the genius invention. We don’t all have the time to wash our hair daily and, quite frankly, we shouldn’t be sudsing up our lengths that often either—overzealous shampoo sessions can strip and dry the hair, leading to breakage. So the mist of a hair perfume will leave your hair smelling almost good as new. Why can’t you use a regular perfume on your hair? Good question, since you may think a perfume marketed for a specific body part is just that (good marketing). But hair perfume is formulated without alcohol. In traditional perfume, alcohol helps the scent emanate from your skin, but your strands can do a pretty good job of wafting any fragrance without it. Alcohol can also be seriously drying on the hair, so that’s why you need to look to a specialist scent. Some people with sensitive skin find they can’t wear regular perfume, so these are a viable alternative, and thankfully plenty of fragrance favourites come in versions for your hair. Either layer up with your usual fragrance, or switch to a hair perfume entirely. Keep scrolling for the six best hair perfumes…

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