7 Celebrities Reveal the Face Oils They Swear By

Amy Lawrenson

With the weather getting colder, we're looking to skincare that will soothe and nourish our sensitive, dehydrated skin. Enter: face oils. But which to choose? When it comes to skincare recommendations, we happily look to the A-list with their plump skin and glowing complexions. Our favourite celebrities are big fans of face oils, and interestingly, they are not the run-of-the-mill brands you usually see. You see, celebs love a niche or insider brand, and when it comes to these face oils they don't disappoint. They're also not afraid to break the rules (ahem, Khloé) by using body oil on their faces.

Face oils are versatile products. You can apply them straight to your skin at night for an intense treatment, or you can mix a couple of drops with your favourite serum or moisturiser in the morning. Need an extra shot of hydration and protection? Blend your chosen oil with your liquid foundation onto your skin with a sponge to help you fake a dewy complexion all year round. Tempted? Keep scrolling for the A-list recommendations of the best face oils around.

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