It's Decided: These Are the 7 Best Curling Tongs on the Internet

Elinor Block

Curling tongs hold a special place in our hearts. We love waves year-round, but there's something about using a tong that we especially love during the summer. From the tight '80s curls that Blake Lively is loving right now to looser waves that give you a carefree look, there are plenty of reasons to purchase some curling tongs.


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Now, despite how brilliantly curls can change up your look (just see street styler favourite Miroslava Duma, above, for curly-hair inspo), many don't invest in the tools because they're not sure how to use them. Trust us, it couldn't be easier.

Simply blow-dry your hair (you can let it air-dry, but you'll have a sleeker finish if you use a hair dryer), and divide your hair into small sections, curling individual pieces. To keep it looking effortless (like you were born that way), don't tong the ends; leave the last inch of each section out. Hairstylists do this on shoots all the time, as it makes the hair look less "done" and just that much cooler.

To start you off, we've hunted down seven of the hardest-working curling tongs out there right now. Whether that's because they heat up quickly (perfect for those in a rush) or because they're a little kinder on your purse, we've found the best curling tongs to suit every budget and hairstyle.

Click through our gallery for seven of the best curling tongs and where to shop them.

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