9 Beauty Editors Reveal Their Favourite Cleansers

Faith Xue

Cleanser is undoubtedly the most banal and unimpressive product in our skincare regimen—much less glamorous than our prized overnight mask or powerhouse serum, for example. And yet, it holds a special place in our hearts nonetheless, and we’re fiercely loyal to the ones that do as they promise (as in get all our makeup off without leaving our skin dry like a desert). As beauty editors, we test quite a lot of them, which is why we’re confident in voicing the ones we’ve dubbed “holy grail.” Curious to see if there was any overlap (there wasn’t) and just curious, period, we polled some of our fellow beauty-editor colleagues and had them share their favourites, too. In the market for a new cleanser? You’ll find plenty of recs here. Loyal to the same one you’ve used since high school? Temptation awaits…

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