This Hair Colour Has Thousands of Pins—But You've Never Heard Of It

Elinor Block

What do you think when you see the words "beige hair colour"? We wouldn't be surprised if you felt a little meh about it. Beige isn't exactly a hue that many find themselves getting excited about. And while that may be true when you apply it to many other things in life like food and wallpaper, hair colour is not one of them.

In fact, the beige or "nude" hair colour is huge on Pinterest, with many images on the theme garnering thousands of re-pins. So what makes this hair colour so covetable? Before we dig into our theories on that and why we love it so much, we spoke to expert Leanne Galvin, master colourist at Josh Wood Atelier on what this trend is and what to ask for at your hair colour appointment. 

While she warned that it doesn't suit everyone as it can "really wash out" some people, "when it does work, it brightens skin colour and emphasises eye colour." Similarly, Katie Denn, a senior colourist for Hershesons, says it's great for "making blue and green eyes pop" and that warmer, olive skin tones are best suited to the hue. 

Galvin also revealed what it is you'll need to ask your hair colourist for: "Nude hair colour is one-dimensional colour. It's important to ask your colourist for neutral tones, so no warmth or ash. Any warmer tones would make it too golden, and any cooler tones will make it too ashy," explains Galvin.

Now you know what it is and how to achieve it, we've found five of our favourite looks on Pinterest that prove this hair colour is one of the chicest around. Keep scrolling for five of our favourite nude hair colour looks and why we love this style. 

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