Why the Konjac Sponge Just Changed the Cleansing Game

Elinor Block


It's FINALLY here. No, we're not talking about the weekend. And, no, we're not talking about the end of January. We are, of course, referring to the joyous occasion of payday weekend. After a tough month (thanks, Christmas), we've got a few more funds to spend after being thrifty the first few weeks of 2017. So the big question is this: What do we spend our new dollar on? Well, you could buy yourself a brand new foundation. Or perhaps you want to go for more of a glow and invest in a new fake tan? Either way, we know you're thinking about how to make yourself feel good until the spring hits. To keep your spirits up, we suggest you scroll through some of our biggest stories from the week, and some of our favourite style stories too.

1. There's a new sponge in town, and it'll replace your washcloth.

The konjac spong is what everyone is talking about right now. It cleanses the skin and unclogs pores. Sounds incredible, right? Read more about that over on Byrdie AU.

2. Prediction: This is the next big hair trend, and it's not a colour.

Did you spot Kim Kardashian West sporting this particular hairstyle? We reckon there are going to be plenty of copycats. Watch this space. 

3. The best place to shop this weekend…

Over on Who What Wear UK, we've got the scoop on the section all the cool girls shop in ASOS

4: This is the easiest way to drop 350 calories every day.

Byrdie UK's editorial director actually did this lifestyle hack, and it works. Want to know what it is? Your only way to find out is to click.

5. The big trick to being more photogenic is this…

If you want to really know the secret to looking good in every photo, we've found a few tricks that are super easy to follow.

6. These are the seven secrets to running faster.

Getting out this weekend for a bit of exercise? If you're a beginner runner, then we urge you to read this piece on how to run faster

7. How to get perfect skin, according to the A-list.

Finally, we've scoured the world of online to find out the best skincare secrets celebrities swear by.

Want more? Here are 37 short hairstyles that will persuade you into the salon.

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