The Genius Trick to Never Having a Frizzy Fringe Ever Again

Elinor Block


Look, we don't want to be negative or anything but this Monday is known as Blue Monday. That's basically the time when it feels like it was Christmas ages ago and yet you still haven't been paid, so you feel like there isn't enough money in the bank to treat yourself. So this weekend you're in need of a pick-me-up. Fear not, though, for we can come to your rescue with this incredible list of the affordable buys that makeup artists always use. There's an A-list favourite cleansing water that's only a fiver, a skin-boosting highlighter that's under a tenner, and a £9 mascara that one makeup artist always rushes to buy. After you finish snapping up those bargains, we've got plenty of other important beauty news we know you'll want to read about, so keep scrolling for the week's biggest beauty and style news.

1. How to get a frizz-free fringe

For those with bangs, three little words—"frizz-free fringe"—bring joy to their hearts. So what's the answer? One Bali-based model dishes the secret on Byrdie AU.

2. Mindful eating might just be what you need to lose weight

Sure you've heard of mindfulness, but mindful eating? Maybe not. The idea is to really consider what you're eating by using the same principles as you would when you meditate. Perhaps it's the weight-loss trick you've been looking for.

3. The outfits you need to pin right now

Who What Wear UK has given us all kinds of style inspo with the 50 must-see street style outfits to bookmark in 2017. You Pinterest board won't know what's hit it. 

4: How to look thinner without doing anything

Sure, you might be on the way to losing that holiday weight, but what if you want to look slimmer now? Check out these 15 hairstyles that will make a round face look thinner

5. The botox treatment celebrities don't want you to know about

There's a new way to do botox, and you're going to love it. Find out why Byrdie UK's editorial director rates it so much.

6. THE way to organise your beauty products

Who doesn't love rearranging their beauty products? Whether you do or you don't, we guarantee you'll love how much time this piece on sorting out your bathroom cabinet by a professional organiser will save you. Spoiler: There are pretty pictures.

7. Wear makeup to the gym without anyone noticing

Working out more than is humanely possible and finding it tough to find time to put your makeup on after? Don't worry; here's how to wear it to the gym without anyone noticing.

Want to change up your look completely this year? See our guide to the best hair colour ideas for 2017. Prepare to be wowed. 

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