Want to Lose Weight? Here's Why Your Workout Isn't Helping

Elinor Block


Happy weekend, everyone! This week has been pretty busy, but it's also been somewhat productive. We spoke to personal trainers about their biggest healthy lifestyle tips (which we're already implementing into our daily routine) and also managed to stop snoozing, thanks to this incredible trick. But the weekend isn't for overdoing it. In fact, it's all about finding balance. From eating healthy breakfasts to ensuring we get enough sleep (if you haven't been able to relax during the week), we're big advocators of self-care over the weekend and generally being kind to yourself. For more ideas on how you can do that, plus some of the biggest beauty stories from this week, keep scrolling.

1. Being sedentary doesn't cause us to put on as much weight as we thought

What? According to a new international study, physical activity really wasn't associated with weight loss. And being sedentary didn't exactly lead to weight gain. Confused? You need to find out if your exercise plan is stopping you from losing weight.

2. The ultimate vinyl trouser test

Lusting over a pair of vinyl trousers that many a blogger is wearing right now? Before you buy them, you have to read this incredible Who What Wear UK piece in which one editor tried the trend to find the best vinyl trousers.

3. Pond water is now a thing

We know. We know. It might sound strange, but pond water (aka liquid chlorophyll) is the new drink that is meant to help with stress and cravings. We urge you to find out more about the liquid chlorophyll health benefits; they might surprise you.

4: Another day, another way to help you sleep better

Tried breathing exercises? Meditation? A hot bath? If you're still struggling to find a decent way to help you fall asleep, how about sleep music

5. The J-Lo–inspired makeup tutorial you didn't know you needed

Quick question: Who doesn't want to look like Jennifer Lopez? Stupid question, we know. Good news though, as Australian vlogger Chloe Morello created an incredible makeup tutorial to help you look like J.Lo.

6. The number one thing to use if you're going out this weekend

There's nothing worse than spending hours doing your makeup only to find it slid halfway down your face after only a few hours. Avoid that situation by investing in a makeup-setting spray.

7. Hacks to help you lose weight easily

Turns out you don't have to put that much effort into losing weight. Just check out these seven hacks that will help you burn 100 more calories every day. Winner.

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