7 Buyers Reveal Their Must-Haves for Autumn

Amy Lawrenson

You know how much we all love shopping for beauty products? Well, there are people out there who have arguably the best job in the world: selecting the products that each store sells. Considering these people are responsible for buying much of the beauty offerings in their respective stores, it means they have an unrivalled overview of the beauty landscape—more specifically what the hottest, most lusted-after buys will be.

Autumn is coming, and with it, stores are being stocked with shiny new seasonal beauty buys. With so many choices, it’s hard to know where to invest your hard-earned cash. As much as we love a good browse around our favourite websites on a lazy Sunday, more often than not, we’re pretty strapped for time but eager to invest. So to ensure you can zero in on autumn’s best buys, we’ve called on the beauty buyers from our favourite e-tailers and department stores to share their top five picks.  Click through the gallery below for your expert edit of the new season…

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