21 Secret Hairstyling Ideas For When You Only Have 5 Minutes

Amy Lawrenson

ASOS is truly addictive, it's one of those websites where you can get lost down a rabbit hole of velvet shoes and embroidered everything. It's also the place I go when I need hair inspiration. Seriously. The hair accessories pages are filled with clever styling ideas that will elevate your hair from meh to amazing. Whether you just need to detract from your dark circles on a Monday morning, fix a bad hair day mid-week or want to try a new look come Saturday, there are tonnes of hairstyling tricks to try. And what's more, a lot of the hair accessories you probably already own, from kirby grips (although we know they tend to go AWOL) to snag-free bands. Keep scrolling for 21 clever hairstyling ideas to try this week…

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